Campaign Setup Guide

Check out this quick GIF tutorial on how to setup a pop campaign - Watch

Setting up your first campaign is easy, before you do start your first campaign please make sure 

1. Your account is validated and your able to login

2. Your account is funded with the minimum amount and you have remaining balance to spend. 

3. You have filled your profile details accurately and fully. 


To setup your first campaign, login to Easy mob's dashboard, once logged in, follow these simple steps. 

1. Click Add Campaign 


2. Choose your preferred ad unit or creative type

* Choose Banner for this tutorial, similar practice can be applied to other creative types




Once you've selected your creative provide the necessary details on the 'campaign details' page, such as:


Use the tooltips next to each input to guide you on proper format. Please note campaign verticals and creative type cannot be changed once campaign is launched. 

  • Campaign Name: keep it short and intuitive, up to 50 characters
  • Vertical: Choose between mainstream or adult traffic sources.
  • Campaign budget: the maximum spend allowed for this campaign over all flight dates. 
  • Bid: CPM / CPC (can choose only CPM if running JS tags)
  • Frequency Cap: The amount of ad views received by a unique viewer. 
  • Tracking URL: Enter the page users will be directed to after clicking your banner, make sure to use only the macros provided to be able to save the campaign. 
  • Flight dates: start and end dates 
  • Daily cap: minimum $50, the maximal total daily spend per this campaign
  • Preview URL: TLD of your promoted product. 



3. Specify your targeting

In this screen you will be able to target your campaign to receive only the users relevant to your marketed product. 

Our targeting includes: 


  • Operating system
  • Countries
  • Platform
  • Connection type (3G/WiFi)
  • Carriers
  • Browsers
  • IPs and Domains Blacklist / Whitelist
  • SubID Blacklist / Whitelist
  • Demographics (coming soon)

 Click continue. 

4. Upload your creatives

First choose between image banner and 3rd party tags (JS tags or iFrames). 


Choose image banner for this example, click upload image banner. 

Once you've uploaded an image banner in the available sizes, click upload. 



repeat this step for your next creatives. 

Click save and finish. that's it your campaign is now waiting to be approved and then live. 

Have a great campaign! 








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