I've just registered a publisher account, what's next?

Now that you've validated your email address and are able to login to your publisher account, the first thing to do is to add a new website. Click on website and then add new website. 

Add New Website

Website URL

Please fill the correct URL you plan to integrate the ad unit code to, each website is verified and approved by our account managers. Websites with wrong URLs will be rejected. 


Choose the ad unit you'd like to display across your website, for more information about our different types of ad units please read in this knowledge base or visit our website

Frequency Cap

Configure how many ads a unique user should see while visiting your website, Selecting 'None' will trigger a popup on user's every refresh for example. 


Choose the vertical that best relates to your website, selecting the correct vertical will mean serving the most relevant ads to your website. 

Click add website and your website will be registered below, copy paste the code to your website to finish your part of the integration process.  

To read more about where to paste the ad unit code click here


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