What type of ad units will be served on my website?

While adding a new website to your account you may choose which ad unit you'd like to serve, we currently provide our publishers with all standard ad units as well as our own unique ad units which we develop and serve. 

Mobile Alert

An alert is essentially a text-based popup or browser alert, this ad unit features a line of text and an OK and Cancel buttons. Clicking OK will take the user to that offer's page, clicking Cancel will close the ad allowing the user to continue navigating the website. 

  • Supports all mobile operating systems
  • can also be timed to popup after several seconds within a user's visit
  • supports UTF8 and ascii characters 
  • High CTR (over 15%) on average


Bookmark Ad unit

A bookmark ad is a stylish box that drops from the top of the screen to the bottom, displays a image logo (50x50) and promotional text, a cilck will direct the user to that offer's page, or click on the close button (x) will close the ad. 

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Banner Overlays (320x50 and 300x250)


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